- Has a girlfriend, with whom he has a very young daughter (less than a year of age.)

- Informed Timothy van der Beek of the PC’s location, in exchange for cash.

The guy on the door is a twenty-something year old kid in a kilt with a shock of blonde-white hair a frame-modified A-80 Assault Rifle slung under his arm. The bare legs beneath the kilt are superchromed metal, and there’s a triple-row of interface plugs at his temples. A single, thin fiberoptic trails down from one to the rifle. He’s leaning back against one of the vending machines and rolling a smoke. Light pours from the door and the cracks between the truck body and the vending machines, while from inside the sound of a good night can be heard. – from ‘Lady Trouble.’


Cyberpunk 2020 Bandatta